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Mar 18, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. >> we wanted to end the nightmare. >> that nightmare local official using tax money campaign contribution to feed a gambling addiction. tonight the one thing that kept him out of prison. >> also tonight at 9:00. management make over. new direction for oakland pd brass. >> airport quandary. san jose international good service new terminal and easy to get to. why isn't it more popular and why losing flights. why losing flights. >> new study >> that breaking news centers on this car accident in east san jose. we understand it is involved in an officer involved shooting. now this is video from sky 7 hd short time ago. police are out on mass in this area. we are told that 3 undercover police cars surrounded a vehicle. witnesses tell that you say one person in that car was shot and officer hurt although not seriously. now this happened a little more than 2 hours ago in the alan rock neighborhood close to the intersection of jeralyn drive and em rick avenue. trade the general area on the map. bring you any new information as soon as it develops. good evening. now to long
Mar 19, 2013 9:00pm PDT
it for the superbowl. the terms are tough and not likely negotiable. santa clara must waive the hotel tax on the 350 rooms they will occupy. it will waive the surcharge that goes to debt service on the new stadium and waive a 35 cent per ticket fee that funds programs along with a parking fee that recoups the city's cost for services. santa clara says it will get reimbursed for public safety excesses by the host committee. >> it was our intention to make sure that we walk away putting on a great show, doing a lot of work and making sure we come out whole in this process and being reimbursed for our efforts to make it a successful event. >> reporter: giving a hotel tax break isn't as bad. 350 looms are involved. at the rate is 14.25 translates into $5,000 loss per night, revenue that normally goes into the general fund. general manager at hilton santa clara says superbowl spending will more than off set that loss. >> the value and exposure we're going to get here and what is spent here in the time frame will more than make up for anything that is lost. >> reporter: he is planning a 140 room in additi
Mar 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
the neighborhood. >> little mistake how to make sure you get your tax return without the wait. those stories and more for you coming up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. but sports director larry hear with all the sports. a lot of football news. >> this is big day in the nfl because start of the new calendar year. 2013. raiders start with a machetee. cutting 2 former first round picks. make no mistake. these are not al davis raiders any more. silver and black cut hayward he was the pick in 09. if he ever really developed into the dynamic receiver that the raiders and specifically mr. mr. davis had been hoping for. also cut defensive back michael hough first round pick in the 06 draft he played corner safety. he was pretty solid this past season. veteran after seven years. he's been released by the silver and black. 49ers are busy. formerly traded smith to the g. that agreed on two week ago and lost tight end walker. goes to continue see. he will presumably start there tight end valuable contributor of blocker special team walker has trouble with drops. late in the season es
Mar 15, 2013 9:00pm PDT
tax. starting at 8 tonight police will assist confused drivers. look at the hayward loop go to our web site 7 in hayward, nick smith abc 7 news. >> time to get the green on. st. patrick's day is coming a day early in san francisco. 162 edition of the parade tomorrow morning starting at 1 11:30 at market and second street. the parade ends at civic center plaza where human festival actually gets under way there at 10:00 exploratorium celebration is the largest on the west coast. of course plenty of green and dancers and bag pipe too. don't forget the sprt phone. this year you cap watch live dancing from ireland from the web feed. mayor ed lee in ireland right now and will address the crowd. go to our web site to find that link. you will see it under see it on tv. >> this week record high pressure after last week storm is creating a spectacular sight in yos mate. flowing water fall. warm weather this week melted snow to give the fall extra force. water fall reached the peak in mid may and typically last until july. that all depend on the snow pack and how much there is ke
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4